UTG will schedule all persons with safe, reliable transportation services that accommodate each of their needs in an individualized, courteous manner. Our contractors will be given competitive rates, timely payments, and 24/7 customer service. Our employees will be professionally trained to succeed, and given the necessary tools to grow within UTG, and respected as valuable members of society. UTG will build special relationships with their vendors who will receive quality service and reliable support in order to flourish.

Founded in 2011, United Transportation Group, Inc. ("UTG") provides the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with ride scheduling, and dispatch services. Specializing in non-emergency medical transportation, workers compensation transportation, affordable transportation solutions, and airport transportation. 

Part of UTG's efforts on maintaining safe and dependable rides include preventive, and corrective actions for drivers. All employees and drivers undergo an extensive background check annually, random drug and alcohol testing, training and performance evaluations. Contractors are expected to maintain insurance requirements. Drivers must have acceptable RMV records, negative drug and alcohol tests, and completed trainings in various categories. All vehicles that UTG schedules rides with are maintained regularly, and are all equipped with a set of required safety instruments. To ensure timely and accurate transportation UTG only schedules rides with those that utilize live time fleet-tracking. 

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 6 am - 9 pm


Saturday & Sunday 6 am - 3 pm